Yacht charter in Malta. Sea tourism in Malta

yacht charter in Malta

The yacht charteer in Malta is one of the most popular entertainment. Walking on sailing boats, motorboats, scootering and diving give a lot of beatiful emotions to all holidaymakers. The waters of Malta are one of the best places for sea voyages. The sea is quite friendly, because there are no large currents, excellent visibility in windless weather without precipitation30-50 meters. The relief of the bottom is quite ruggeda large number of arches, grottoes and caves. Marine fauna and flora are surprisingly rich. This makes every trip interesting and fascinating.
Comfortable and well-equipped boats and yachts in Malta will allow you to enjoy the yacht charter in full. So vacationers have the opportunity to choose a place where you can drop anchor. Walks on modern ships are characterized by a high level of service of the yacht charter in Malta.

The season of the yacht charter in Malta

The season of the yacht charter in Malta lasts from April to November, during this period the north-west wind blows predominantly, and in August the southern dry sirocco prevails. Here you can travel around the clock, even when on one side of the archipelago storm, and on the othersunny calm weather. In winter, yachting is difficult, since gregal (a winter northeasterly wind) often causes squalls and storms.
Renting boats and yachts to Malta, you need to take into account the fact that at night the approaches to the coasts are complex, and the new one for the first time in the dark will be unreal, especially on the north-west coast, since it is not illuminated. During the day, reefs are perfectly visible, so staying at any harbor will not be a problem.
Walks on the Mediterranean Sea, yacht charter in Malta along the archipelago will give a lot of pleasant emotions and leave extremely pleasant memories. The coast of Malta is based on contrasts: marinas with cruise liners with crowds of tourists are replaced by deserted beaches. Surprising with the sea landscapes, they are always interesting to watch: reefs, natural arches, gently sloping banks, steep cliffs, sandy shallows

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