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Fishing in Malta

fishing in Malta

Sea fishing in Malta from a boat or yacht

What is a full-fledged, unforgettable holiday filled with bright moments on the island? Of course, this is not just swimming in warm waters, sunbathing on the beach, a delicious dinner at a local cafe, but also an active pastime – fishing in Malta. Fishing will bring a lot of pleasure, leave pleasant memories of the rest in the Mediterranean. In turn, we will help you to have a great time.

Fishing on our boats and yachts

Our company is engaged in providing sea fishing services in Malta on comfortable boats and yachts for beginners and experienced fishermen. The vessel will be delivered to the place where there should be a good bite. Equipment for fishing can be rented together with our boat or yacht. Of course, the caught fish will be at your disposal.

The advantages of cooperation with us include the following:

  • Boats and yachts are equipped with everything necessary for sea fishing;
  • You can go fishing at any convenient time;
  • We provide high-quality fishing gear for rent;
  • We can rent boats and boats for group fishing in Malta;
  • Our team worries about the safety of each client, so at any time it is ready to help.

To the services of tourists are offered excellent boats and yachts for fishing, in addition to which professional teams can become. Any holidaymaker can choose the most suitable option for himself – a small boat for one or two people to fish in silence, or a capacious boat for collective fishing.

Features of fishing in Malta

How can you make fishing in Malta as successful as possible? First of all, you should prepare well. To do this you will need special gear, which does not necessarily buy. Equipment for fishing on the island Malta can be rented at specialized points. You can also use the boat rental service in Malta, which will make fishing the most comfortable. With a boat rented, you have the opportunity to fish anywhere.

Fishing in Malta is successful, if you follow some recommendations:

  • Give up unnecessary distractions. For successful fishing, store a minimum – equipment, a capacity for caught fish;
  • Entering the waters of the Mediterranean, take into account the direction and strength of the wind. For example, if the wind blows from the north, fish better south of Malta;
  • A larger catch will be if you leave the water with a small ripple, which indicates sufficient movements of air masses. Absolute calm or storm is not favorable for successful fishing;
  • Spots of light on the sea water, formed by the rays of the sun, can hide under themselves shoals of fish floating to the surface.

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