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Boat excursions in Malta

boat excursions in malta

Boat Excursions in Malta on a yacht around the islands, Gozo and Comino

Rest on Malta, every tourist is obliged to include excursions to his cultural program. On the warm island of Malta with a rich history, there is something to see, than to be surprised and admire. The Mediterranean country offers to see ancient buildings, architectural and natural objects, the beauty of the Mediterranean coast, gorges and cliffs of the coast of the island and more. Many of these attractions you can see if you take a boat excursions in Malta.

Boat Excursions in Malta with us

It is not necessary to purchase boat excursions in Malta at travel agencies, if you take yachts for hire in our company. The advantages of renting a yacht in Malta to visit the beautiful places of the Maltese archipelago are quite a lot:

  • having learned about the sights in advance, you can plan the route yourself and go at any time convenient for you;
  • with boat excursions in Malta, you on the yacht will be professionals (optional), which will help make your trip as interesting and safe as possible;
  • We have the most pleasant prices for renting boat and yacht in Malta.

Places and objects of Malta that deserve special attention

The blue grotto is undoubtedly picturesque and worthy of everyone’s attention. When the sea is calm, you can safely go to him. Grotto strikes with its clear blue-turquoise waters. Like a rich tent of rocks cover the rocks this fabulous place. In sunny weather here is inexpressibly beautiful. Violet, pink, orange glare falls on the azure water and the stone walls of the grotto. Boat Excursions in Malta, including a visit to the blue grotto, will certainly leave an unforgettable memory experience! From here you can also enjoy stunning views of one of the neighboring islands – Fillflu.
A walk to megalithic architectural religious sites is informative. The most famous in the world megalithic structure is Stonehenge, but the Maltese Ggantia is more than 6 thousand years old. This can not help attracting inquisitive people. Tourists have the opportunity to see 3 ancient temples. The civilization that erected these monuments of architecture, disappeared initially under the pressure of the Phoenicians, and then the Carthaginians. Who were these builders, for what purpose were these powerful structures erected? To get an answer to this question, you can take boat excursions in Malta.
In addition to the above-described places, the Mediterranean archipelago is rich in other beautiful places, architectural and natural objects. Taking boat excursions in Malta, you can learn a lot of new, interesting, informative. Also, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of a rich and warm island that attracts tourists from all over the globe.

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