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Diving in Malta

diving in Malta

Diving in Malta on our boats and yachts is a perfect format for recreation

Among all the entertainment, diving in Malta is very popular. To swim in the depths of the sea at the resorts of a warm country people from far and neighboring countries gather. Almost at any time of the year, the water in the Mediterranean is dipped.

What attracts diving in Malta scuba divers? Clean, transparent water, a unique landscape of underwater depths, rockiness, surprisingly beautiful numerous rifts and grottoes, interesting representatives of fauna and flora, the opportunity to descend to the sea at any point of the Maltese archipelago.

Unforgettable Diving in Malta with maximum comfort

Our company offers diving in Malta into the warm and mysterious waters of the Mediterranean with maximum comfort. Turning to us, you get at your disposal a comfortable boat for diving in Malta. At us it is possible to choose the most suitable variant from numerous offers. The prices for the services of our company depend on the following factors:

  • duration of rent of a yacht or a boat for diving in Malta;
  • the time of the year;
  • tonnage of the vessel;
  • the level of comfort of the boat or yacht;
  • the order of immersion: with or without an instructor;
  • the amount (volume) of equipment for diving in Malta.

Thanks to us diving in Malta will bring a lot of positive emotions, leave vivid memories, will be as safe and comfortable as possible.

A fascinating dive anywhere in the Maltese archipelago

Diving in Malta is an introduction to the unique life under water in picturesque places, convenient for immersion. In the often rugged beach line there are numerous steep cliffs, where breathtaking caves, arches, and tunnels are breathtaking. Only thanks to diving can you appreciate these amazing structures of nature.

A lot of specialized schools for diving in Malta enthusiasts will help to master some secrets of underwater walks. Here everyone will be able to pass the initial level or upgrade their qualifications that meet international standards.

A cozy reliable boat used by divers for diving in Malta from any point, excellent weather and the support of instructors are able to create conditions for safe underwater walks.

The Mediterranean coast has everything for an exciting underwater photography. Excellent visibility – the ability to make beautiful high-quality photos of sea wonders at considerable depth. A pleasant bonus is that every year in Malta an international underwater photography competition is organized in which you can apply your abilities and luck.

Diving in Malta charges with positive emotions and gives an unforgettable impression. In the coastal waters of the island there are fantastic places and amazing exhibits, such as the destroyer Maori, which went under water in 1942, the tugboat “Razi”, which in 1991 was specially flooded for scuba divers, the barge “Carolita”, sunk by enemies in 1942, tanker “Um el Farood”.

Where is the best way to diving in Malta? The most attractive places for diving enthusiasts are the western side of the island of Gozo, in which there is a small bay called the Inland Sea. With the great sea, it is connected via a tunnel made in the rock. Nearby is the Blue Hole with a depth of 20 m and the Cote d’Azur, which has become the visiting card of the resort country.

The price for diving in Malta with us:

Course for beginners:

Theory of diving, practice in the pool, and 4 dives in the open sea

Classes are conducted in English

Experienced divers:

Rent of equipment, boats or yachts (with a skipper)


Do not want to spend valuable vacation time in class?