Sailing yacht for rent in Malta, Gozo

rent sailing yacht in Malta

The pearls of the Maltese coasts – the islands of Gozo, Comino and Malta – are a true paradise for holidaymakers. Mild climate all year round, rich cultural and historical heritage, unique cuisine, impeccable service. And of course – affectionate, attractive sea.

A popular choice for experienced and sophisticated tourists is the rental of a sailing yacht in Malta. This is an excellent solution for:
– Enjoy the magnificent views of the archipelago;
– to appreciate the rich flora and fauna of the Mediterranean Sea;
– explore the bizarre topography of the seabed, diving (the abundance of arches, caves and deep-sea caves will not leave indifferent even divers with experience).

Rent a sailing yacht in Malta will give unforgettable emotions and impressions. Moving along the long (more than 200 km) coastline of the archipelago, travelers will be able to admire the stunning scenery:
– steep rocks, excitement of imagination, and climbers, conquering these inaccessible heights;
– stone arches, so perfect that they seem to be man-made;
– Sand shoals and beautiful gently sloping beaches;
– mysterious reefs.

The picture will be constantly changing and not boring: modern hotels and hotels are suddenly replaced by ancient castles and temples, as if carrying over in time to several centuries ago. Marina, filled with magnificent cruise liners, suddenly disappear, giving way to mysterious deserted beaches …

Rent a sailing yacht in Malta will allow you to travel around the clock in the season (April to November), mooring at the Maltese coast to visit the most interesting and famous events. For example, carnivals, jazz concerts or the world famous regatta Rolex Middle Sea Race.

Affordable luxury of tourists for a bright, emotional holiday and a sea of ‚Äč‚Äčimpressions – a sailing yacht. Rent a sailing yacht in Malta will make it possible to fulfill the wildest dreams.

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