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Yachts Services in Europe

yacht services in europe

Yachts are luxurious watercraft for enjoying through the oceans across the world. Many companies provide yacht services all over Europe to tourists. Yacht services in Europe have come to its peak in the past few years. People and tourists now know that beach exploration is incomplete. You cannot enjoy you the trip without using a yacht. Yachts are available in different sizes and equipped with additional facilities yacht services. Yachts with all facilities are expensive. There many competitive organizations providing yacht services in Europe. You need to pick the best to make the trip memorable. Yacht services in Europe are now much more easily available. They may be overbooked or prices may go up during the summer season.

Best Yacht Services in Europe:

There are various yacht services in Europe that provide yachts all over Europe. The yachts fully equipped with skipper and services. One of the best yacht services resides in Malta which situated in the Mediterranean. The Mediterranean coast is one of the largest coasts to explore around. It has a historical background because of the trade and culture exchange among the people of the region. Yacht services in Malta are much cheaper and easily available at comparatively lower prices. Not only services are good, but the locations, islands, and caves are much more enchanting to cruise around. The places you can visit are Gozo, Comino, Blue Lagoon, Blue Grotto and much more. Yacht services in Malta offer the best possible package at lower prices. Including skipper, drinks, food, guide and even individual trips according to one’s demand.

Yacht Services that We Offer

We Boat Hire Malta offer a variety of boats and yachts that one can rent for day/days. These yachts and boats may include yachts for sailing. There are some yachts which are for organizing any kind of party and small gathering. There are the following categories of boats.


Catamarans are normally used for organizing events such as birthday, party or even excursion programs. Catamaran Lagoon 410 and Large Party Catamaran are available to host. We offer these at a reasonable price. Both have different capacities to accommodate guests.

Sailing Boats

There are two types of sailing boats available which are Benetau 423 and Bavaria 40. Both having a capacity of 10 and 8 passengers respectively. These can be arranged for sailing along the coasts of Malta and explore islands and caves such as Comino, Gozo, Blue Lagoon and Blue Grotto.


There are five types of motorboats available to rent in Malta. Including Cranchi Endurance, Ranieli Sea lady 27, Princess P42 2006, Princess 48 and Sunseeker Camargue 50. These boats are the most powerful boats consisting of powerful engines. Therefore, these boats are usually expensive to rent than catamaran or sailing yachts.

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