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Boats Hire in Malta and Charter Yachts

boats hire in Malta

You are among those who prefer to holiday in Malta? Enjoy its pristine beaches, unique nature, inviting water distance, the picturesque neighboring islands? Then you can use the popular service on the island – boats hire in Malta. Thanks to her, you will spend unforgettable time.

Benefits of rest with boats hire in Malta

Boats hire in Malta is considered one of the most popular entertainments as young people and older people. Horse motorboats, sailboats, scooters, scuba diving – all this brings a lot of pleasant experiences for travelers. Walking on a yacht in the clear sea, you can visit the best dive destinations.

Boats hire in Malta is characterized by a high level of service. For every taste and budget, you can choose a small boat for cruises. Season yachting on the island start from April to November. During this period blowing northwest wind. In August, the dry air masses dominated southern sirocco.

Coast of Malta is based on contrasts: wild beaches alternate with marinas, which are filled with spectacular liners sizes with numerous tourists from distant countries, historical temples stand side by side with modern hotels. However, the most surprising picturesque nature, it is difficult to tear from his eye – a striking shape of the stone arches, cliffs, shoals, reefs, gentle beaches, crystal-clear water …

What you need to know about your holiday on a yacht?

Boats hire in Malta on the island of Malta, it is important to take into account the fact that the night approaches to the shores of the islands are difficult, but for beginners it will be virtually unsolvable task, especially in the north-west coast, as there is no lighting. During daylight hours, well looked reefs, so get into any harbor snap.

In the season at any time of day tourist can hire boats in Malta. With this service, you can get a lot of positive emotions. Going on vacation to the island, do not deny yourself the pleasure that can be obtained from the cruises on comfortable ships.

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