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Wedding on a yacht or boat Malta

wedding on a yacht or boat malta and gozo

Gozo is pertaining to the Maltese archipelago is separated from Malta small sea strait. You can get here by boat, yacht, ferry. It attracts tourists with its history and unique atmosphere. Wedding on a yacht or boat companies walks, fishing, scuba diving near its shores – a frequent phenomenon.

The perfect island atmosphere for wedding on a yacht

The territory of Malta is less than three times the area. The name of the island means “joy”. At its shores wedding on a yacht or boat, as well as boating, swimming, diving impregnated serene mood, tranquility, romance. Here you can meet interesting people and enthusiasts who came from different points of the planet. Despite its own provincialism, a small plot of land of the Maltese archipelago – the mysterious place has a special charm. At its shores, you can organize an unforgettable wedding atmospheric, make beautiful pictures.

Beautiful and romantic corners of the terrain

According to Greek legend, the beautiful Calypso could attract to the island of Odysseus, and would not let him out for over 7 years. On the territory there is a cave where the nymph lived though. Here you can also find many natural, cultural, historical and religious attractions. Gozo erected temples Janta, Citadel fortress, guard towers, museums, cathedrals, different cultures come together in the city’s architecture – all of which can also serve as the perfect backdrop for wedding photographs. That is all the data components create a special romantic atmosphere.
The most renowned destination on the coast is considered to be an arch over the sea – cliff interesting forms of “Azure Window”. Wedding on a yacht or boat, romantic walks by the sea, diving here are truly fabulous. Nearby there is the opportunity to make beautiful, breathtaking shots, enough to enjoy the beauty of the unique nature, swim in the water surprisingly blue.
Special attention is on the island of Gozo deserves rock Fungus Rock and Ta-Cenci. They impress with their picturesque, spiritualize and inspire good deeds, create an atmosphere of romance, regularity. Rent a boat in Malta will allow to get here with the comfort and feel, to see all the delights created by nature.

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