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Water sport in Malta and Gozo Mediterranean

water sport in Malta

The warm Mediterranean island of Malta – a great place for active entertainment and sports. There are numerous clubs, centers, equipped with special facilities. The most popular on the island enjoys diving and sailing, surfing. The climate and the warm sea water allows scuba diving and riding on the surface of the water at any time of the year. Water sport in Malta is well developed here and attracts thousands of outdoor enthusiasts from different countries.

Surfing in the Mediterranean Sea. Water sport in Malta

In Malta, surfers need to hide in the coves with sandy beaches. In most parts of the island is rocky cliffs in height from 20 to 120 meters. There are 10 spots, including the coast of Gozo. Good conditions for surfing are in the Golden and Meliha. Tourists from different countries like this water sport in Malta.
In turn, the surf meets the following varieties:

• Windsurfing. It refers to sailing and its distinguishing characteristic – the use of a sail, is performing management board and accelerating the movement of the athlete on the water surface. This skating quite extreme and spectacular.
• Kite. Here the main task of the athlete – maneuvers on the board using a small parachute. The parachute has a wing form and besides steering and accelerating functions are performed. By adjusting the dome under the direction of the wind, the athlete increases the speed of movement of the waves.
Water sport in Malta today continues to develop. It has everything necessary for a successful surfing – wind and the sea. Newcomers better to master control board in quiet bays as there riding mistakes turn into the usual dip in the warm water. Open sea with its dangers, you can “try” to experienced surfers.

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