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Walk on boat or yacht in Malta Mediterranean

walk on boat

If you go or are planning to travel around the Mediterranean, be sure to visit the island of the Maltese archipelago, sun-soaked and washed by transparent blue waters. Warm weather will save a bad mood, and numerous cultural and historical monuments, located on small areas, you will dip into a special unique atmosphere. Family walk on boat open for everyone something new.

Features walk on boat

The Maltese Islands visible from the sea. Ships and boats, the guide from the north-east side, as a rule, suited to the shore Madeline, in shallow areas. During the day there are no difficulties with stops at ports in the south-west side, because the coastal reefs could be seen from afar. Night swim to the coast is with extreme caution, as the north-western part is not covered. If you plan to walk on the boat or yacht sure to consider these points.
Ships that enter the territorial waters of Malta, have to raise the flag of yellow and go on Marsamxett Harbour. In the case of high-frequency radio equipment of the yacht, the team need to request the service frequency 12 Valletta port of call for instructions at the port. At night, the first docking exercise is not simple enough, especially when gregale (northeast wind), causing great excitement.
Malta’s climate is conducive to year-round boat trips, yachting, diving, fishing and various other entertainment on the water and on shore. Tourists can walk on boat, interesting to spend time in the open sea. On the coast of the island you can go to the Italian islands of Sicily and Pantelleria. Unforgettable walk on boat or a yacht in the Mediterranean you are guaranteed.

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