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Traveling on a yacht – we know what to show you!

Traveling on a yacht - we know what to show you!

Since the time of the Phoenicians, Malta has the status of an important harbor. Now, it’s a great diving center and sailing. On the island are going to different places of the world with the intention of obtaining the pleasure of walking “Sailing”. Traveling on a yacht in the Mediterranean – the opportunity to enjoy the spectacular views, swim in the clear sea, deserted bays, see the historical monuments, of which the island is pretty much fishing. In addition, tourists can explore the beauty of the Italian island of Pantelleria, off the coast of Sicily, the whole of the Maltese archipelago.

Great opportunities yachting

Сlimate suitable for yachting in Malta. In these places warm, dry, clear weather, air masses are stable enough; they are not peculiar sharp gusts. The maximum mark on the thermometer seen in August. This feature is known to those who do not like or are not physically tolerate heat. Off the coast of Malta has many convenient marinas where you can relax, eat, walk and more. Here vacationers can rent boats of different models, with different levels of comfort.

Walk on the yacht – a way to see the most beautiful places

Traveling on a yacht in the Mediterranean Sea may involve visiting the ancient settlements. Vacationers go to Mdina with a view to see the mysterious Catacombs of St. Paul, to get acquainted with the exhibits of the Museum of Natural History. The picturesque island of Gozo attracts tourists with its beautiful and cozy coves, rocky beaches, where access to the island easy. Walk on the yacht easier path to the coast. Here you can also visit the cave of Odysseus, the Archaeological Museum, Megalithic temples. Comino Island, situated between Malta and Gozo, is famous for the amazing beauty of the lagoon with turquoise water.

Traveling on a yacht in these areas brings an ocean of fun, so do not deny it!

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