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Transport in Malta: Buses, Taxis, Ferries

transport in malta, ferry

The small size of Malta Island is a significant advantage which makes getting around hassle-free and easy. You will not need to travel much when exploring this magnificent island. The country provides, cheap, reliable transport in Malta including buses, ferries, taxis and more.

Transport In Malta

Ferry in Malta

The regular ferry is the link between Malta to Comino and Gozo in Sliema, Bugibba or St. Paul’s Bay and the far Northern part of Malta. They are ventilated and comfortable way to travel. The ferries operate after every forty-five minutes, and each trip takes up to twenty minutes. Do not worry about the return fare since it is automatically charged. Therefore, you only need your ticket on the return trip. There are also boat services between Camino and each island for a day trip.

Transport in Malta – Water Taxis

The water taxis are available in the Grand Harbor. It is one of the fastest and the cheapest way to travel around the city. It is also the most exciting way to discover the ancient harbor compared to a bus. They usually transport visitors and locals from Sliema to Valletta. The trip takes approximately ten minutes. When traveling with kids, water taxis are the most incredible way to tour Malta.

Transport in Malta – Buses

Malta has an excellent bus service for both Gozo and Malta. The public bus transport is affordable. The service offers a trip covering all the essential location in Malta including beaches, hotels, historical sites, restaurants and ferry services. It is the best alternative for visitors who don’t wish to hire a car. However, if you want to visit all these locations, you have to spare more than a day. It is because they are relatively slow.

Transport in Malta – Taxi

There several cab companies on the Island. When hiring on you should consider the number of people. You can have a standard car for up to four people if you are a larger group mini-vans will do the job. The cabs will take you to locations where buses won’t go. However, the taxis are usually expensive but are a more flexible transport in Malta.

Planning to visit the spectacular island of Malta? You have nothing to worry about. There are a variety of transport in Malta that will suit your needs from the time you step out of the airport. It is you chose to make.

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