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Transport in Malta and Gozo

malta transport

Rest in Malta and move freely around the island at any point allowed without restrictions. On the roads of the island is set left-hand traffic. Trails winding, in some places do not meet the European standards. But, on the whole transport system in the country is quite well developed. Hotel services and facilities offered water transport, and it is not just a walk and rest on the boat, and ferry service.


Today on the island moved comfortable air-conditioned buses. The main part of the route starting from Valletta and end in the same place, so the city has the main bus terminal in Malta. In the summer, or as a separate service offers bus services running between the resorts of the country. Valletta – the point where you can get to any place. Buses carry passengers from 6:00 to 22:00 at intervals of 10 to 15 minutes. Cost is determined depending on the distance.

Taxi and car rental

As well as relaxing on the boat a big company or a rent boat, a taxi in the country – not cheap service. It is mostly offered “Mercedes” black or white car brand. Black color car will be released in 1.5-2 times lower in value, their prices are fixed, but the machines come exclusively under the order. The white taxi driver said the price.
The country has recognized any international driving license or national sample. Rent a car may be a stranger, older than 20 years. These machines are available right next to the airport. Also offers car reservation online.

Water transport

Getting from Malta to Comino, Gozo can use the ferries, yachts and boats. Rent a boats gives great opportunities, rather than moving on ferries. So, a trip to any part of the island and the rest by boat you can make at any time convenient for tourists. Ferries also run on a schedule and some of them carry people from May to October.

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