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Interesting Places in Malta – Top Five

interesting places in malta

Busy looking for the perfect vacation destination? Malta is the place to pay a visit. It is a small Mediterranean Sea island where the sun never stops shining. The island is mainly known for its incredible beach resort. However, it holds more hidden gem, historical heritage and more. When it comes to exciting places to visit no other Mediterranean island can compete with Malta.

Interesting places in Malta

Trip Valletta

Take a memorable trip to the capital city of the country. Valletta is a one of a kind open air museum. It is packed with incredible churches, fortresses and medieval palaces. The impressive Grandmaster’s Palace is known as the most spectacular building on the island, which currently hosts the president. Also, have a one-hour interactive walkthrough to have an overview of Malta history. The sights to visit in this beautiful city are unlimited therefore don’t miss the chance to learn more about the 7000 years history and interesting places in Malta.

Valetta Museums

Your trip around the city will not be complete until you visit Valetta museums. There are various museums including the Archaeological Museum housed in Provence Palace. It has a rich, unique collection of prehistoric artifacts mainly the Admiralty building which was converted to the Museum of Fine Arts and also, the War Museum located at Fort St. Elmo is one of the most interesting places in Malta. It is the home of Sunday military parade in historical costumes.

St. John’s Cathedral

The city is also full of ancient and magnificent churches such as St. John’s Cathedral. The church was built in the 16th century. They unleash the past beauty and luxurious lives of the Maltese people. The exterior of the church resembles a fort. However once inside you will discover priceless artworks and ornate decoration. The church was meant for the St. John Knights.

Azure Window

This is the stunning natural limestone formation arch with a flat top. The Azure Window is a landmark found on picturesque Gaze Maltese Island. The limestone arch which extends to the sea is the top attraction in Gozo. It is famous among divers, television show and movies which makes it a vital part of the Malta experience. The arch is near Dwejra village which offers visitors with boat tours, scuba dive and swims around it.  You can also go for a hike to enjoy an extraordinary site of the sea.

Golden Bay

The bay is one of the most interesting places in Malta. The sandy beach is on the north-west coast of the Island. It is among the most popular beaches in Malta. To ensure you have the most relaxing and comfortable day in the beach umbrellas and sun beds are available for hire. There are also many luxurious hotels, beach clubs located near the Golden Cove. The best time to visit the beach is at sunset. Have a breathtaking view of the setting golden hue sun.


You have the opportunity to make a lasting memory in this enchanting prehistoric island. Whether you want to have a taste of delicious Mediterranean dishes, boat tour, relax by the sea or discover the past, the interesting places in Malta offer something for everyone. Getting bored on this Island is out of the question!

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