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Time for yachting Malta and Gozo

yachting Malta

The timing is focused on the Maltese yachting season. Traditionally it lasts from April to November. Those who plan not only to sail, but also to do this or that water sport, should take into account the direction and strength of the winds. So, dry southern sirocco is characteristic for the end of summer – early September. At another time, the mistral, having a north-western direction, will prevail.
Nothing will prevent the organization of yachting Malta in the cold season. Even the raging elements on one of the coasts – on the other one will be sure to be quiet and calm.
It is not necessary to sail in Malta and Gozo at night – it will be extremely difficult to moor, due to the lack of illumination of the north-west coast. But in the daytime reefs are perfectly visible, and management will not be difficult, even for young sailors.
Of course, among the yachting enthusiasts in Malta and Gozo there are real “sea wolves”. The company “Boathiremalta” is extremely correct and respectful of any wishes of the client, so winter yachting Malta also exists. But this is rather not a pleasant journey, but a real struggle and overcoming the elements. For strong, sophisticated and not thinking life without destiny. Waiting for them gregal – northeast winter Maltese wind, extremely dangerous, cunning, strong and squally.
At other times, Malta seems to be exactly what its name is translated. A quiet harbor. The boat rental company in Malta and Gozo- “Boathiremalta”- is ready to do everything possible and impossible to share a piece of its immense love for sea voyages in this beautiful, warm and hospitable country. We are ready to organize for you the most unforgettable yachting Malta, to acquaint you with the beauties of Gozo and Comino islands, to enjoy swimming in the Blue Lagoon and the Blue Cave, to take you to the most hidden places of the Maltese coast. Do not miss this opportunity, life is short, and there is not much beauty in it!

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