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The Attractions of Malta

attractions of malta

Malta is a popular destination for tourists all over the world. There are various attractions of Malta that make the island the most visited destination in Europe. Here are some of the attraction sites.

Attractions of Malta – Sea Excursions in Malta on Chartered Boats

One of the attractions of Malta is the sightseeing trips that tourist make in Malta. To make the experience better, we have the chartered boats on which you can enjoy the various sites on the island. In fact, ask any person who has been to Malta which is the best way to enjoy a trip in Malta, and the answer you get is to hire a boat and go around the waters for a spectacular sightseeing trip. Therefore, book a boat whenever you are planning to visit Malta and enjoy this wonderful way of making the memorable trip in Malta. The rugged cliffs and also the rugged bays around Malta offer an exciting view from the sea.

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Attractions of Malta – Worship at St John’s Cathedral

Built in the late 15th century by the Military architects, this is an iconic structure that you must visit when you travel to Malta. The floor is a sea of Tombs in colored marble. Although the structure has been renovated of late, there are several things to learn there. You will have a chance to explore some of the building materials that were used by the early architects of Malta as you also see the oratory which serves as the home to Caravaggio`s painting. This is one of the sites believed to be the richest in the history of worship in Malta. There is a lot to learn and also it is a good site for photography.

Attractions of Malta – Visit the War Museum in Malta

This is another of the attractions of Malta and offers great memory about the Second World War. Malta was one of the places targeted for bombing, and the area where the war museum is built was the grand harbor dockyard where crucial ship repair works were done. The rock tunnels served as the places where people were hiding, and they only used little lamps for light. Learn more about the World War II by visiting the war museum of Malta.

Visit the Mnajdra and Hagar Qim

This is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sights and was built between 3000BC to 2500BC. They served as pre-historic temples and among the oldest stone buildings built in Malta. There are multiple rooms in the temples, and monumental doors are also featured there. This site is another resourceful site where you get to learn about the early life of Maltese people.

Rock Climbing and Sporting in Malta like Attractions of Malta

Malta serves as one of the most preferred destinations for sports lovers in Europe. The attractions of Malta that make the place a good sporting environment includes the area of Gozo that is common for mountain biking and also good for diving experience.

Visit Malta for a holiday experience that you will always remember. The diverse culture and the good landscape are some of the attractions of Malta.

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