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Should I go to Malta with children?

holiday in Malta with children

Undoubtedly, holiday in Malta with children can be enjoyable and memorable. The island is famous for its own centers, which organize English classes. Every year there are thousands of school-age students, fun vacation. Therefore, for the children here can find entertainment.

Pleasures of a family holiday on the island

Malta – a country with a small area, located to easily move and explore the numerous attractions. At what point of the island you would not go – your way there will be a long and tedious, and the child does not have time to get bored on the road. In addition, the edge of the plains, roads, sidewalks equipped, so you can safely walk with a stroller. And you can take a boat rental in Malta and comfortably swim in the sea, get a board family picnic.

Features of families with children

The best small towns, where you can have a comfortable holiday in Malta with children are considered Mellieha, Bugibba, Sliema, St Julian’s. The main part of the Maltese rocky beaches, sandy found only in some places. Thus, the most popular among family travelers – Mellieha Bay, which has a strip of shallow water and flat bottom.
Comfortable bathing beach can be considered Golden Bay Pretty Bay. Tides, swift currents of the sea off the coast of the island does not happen. In the absence of water in the dangerous inhabitants of swimming safely. An alternative to a beach holiday can be a swimming pool, is available in many modern hotels in Malta.
In Malta, villas and pensions with individual bungalows for families – not a rarity. Usually, this impressive size complexes with swimming pools, cafes, sports and children’s playgrounds.
Problems with the power supply on the island are not available. Even for the smallest of pharmacies and large supermarkets selling food in jars. In most of the café offers a children’s menu.
Holidays in Malta with children leaving the tourists a pleasant experience. The island has everything you need for a family holiday.

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