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Boats and yachts hire in Malta good holiday

boats and yachts hire

Residents of Malta know that the island does not need to hurry, as a resort, southern region, the pace of life is measured. Leave the worries for later, enjoy the sun. Initially, you may be surprised by the slowness of the bus drivers, counted the money and punching the ticket, as well as the passengers calm, not adjusted to each other. Measured soaked all air atmosphere.
Use free and paid services. Boats and yachts hire, arrange underwater walk, ride the water slides – enjoy all the delights of rest on the island. Do not neglect as a romantic picnic on the beach, in gardens, on the streets of Mdina, Valletta, visit the beauty of Lower Barracks, set their sights on the Grand Harbour panorama – all this is not worth the money. So you will know the real Malta.
Boats and yachts hire, boats in Malta allows you to discover new destinations: picturesque bays, coves, underground cave (if diving from a vessel). Travel by sea, even if not for long distances. In remote parts of the city it is best to rest. Islands will open you to new and exciting places. If you ignore this recommendation can not feel the special atmosphere of the Mediterranean region.
Visit necessarily the tiny island of Gozo, where the road to the ferry take about 20 minutes. And if you take advantage of boats or yacht hire , then even faster. Gozo – a blessed land. It does not lock in the villages even at home – so there safely. Local products are grown in the open air, exposed to direct sunlight and do not include any chemical additives. Also on the island is well developed infrastructure, which allows comfortable leisure travelers. For lovers of boating, fishing boat hire is offered in Malta off the coast of Gozo.

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