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Sailing Charters in Malta

sailing charters in malta

Malta is a wonderful island in the central Mediterranean. It has many places to give your eyes a sense of beauty. It is an island having great history and natural beauty. You will never forget your sailing charters in Malta. The famous places that you can visit in sailing charter in Malta are,

  • Blue Lagoon
  • Blue Grotto
  • Grand Harbour
  • St Paul’s Island
  • Beeches of Gozo and Comino

You will be astonished by the wonderful sceneries in the sea. To enjoy the natural beauty, you need sailing charters in Malta.

Sailing charter is an enjoyable activity. It combines the activity of vacation on the water and sailing around your desired coasts. You can take as many people as you like depending on the capacity of the sailing charter. Sailing charter is a type of flexible vacation that can go on for days. Sailing charters in Malta can be for the passengers on individual trips around the islands of their choice, including islands Malta and Gozo, Blue lagoon, Comino and Blue Grotto. The rental service provides sailing boats as well. Depending on the season and time of the year the prices may vary.

Sailing Charter in Malta

A good sailing charter is important to make your trip comfortable and joyful. We Boat Hire Malta also offers sailing charters in Malta. We would love to make your trip memorable.

Our Sailing Charters in Malta:

Bavaria 40

It is a type of sailing boat which has a capacity of 8 passengers. The length and width of the boat are 12.0 meters and 3.98 meters respectively. It comes with a skipper to handle the boat. It consists of 2 cabins. Fuel is included in the rental fare along with other complimentary drinks such as water, tea, and coffee. You need to pay additional for lunch. It costs only 475 euros/day.

Benetau 423:

It is a sailing yacht for a family or small company as it can accommodate 10 passengers.  The length and width of the boat are 12.15 meters and 3.98 meters respectively. It also comes with a skipper. You can choose the program for the trip on your own. You can select any interesting place in Malta. The boat contains 3 cabins so that passengers may rest as well. The duration of the trip can also be discussed as full or half-day. It costs only 500 euros/day. Lunch is also available for an additional fee.

Sailing across the coast of Malta has never been this easier. Boat Hire Malta has made this extremely easy and possible for every tourist to sail and explore the Mediterranean coast as you wish. Our service is for the ease of tourists. It may be a family or a small friend circle. Boat Hire Malta welcomes all for sailing charters in Malta and hopes to provide our services to the fullest. The rental prices for both the sailing charter are slightly different depending on the capacity of the boat. Other services may be provided with additional charges. Skipper provided is responsible for maneuvering the yacht. Cabins may be shared among the fellow passengers which are also equipped with bathrooms. The crew onboard will be responsible for cooking and cleaning activities.

You can find more about our other boats here. Feel free to contact us for any trip or advice.

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