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Boat rental for fishing in Malta and Gozo

boat rental for fishing

Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Malta – a great place for fishing. Today, here everyone has the opportunity not only to fish from the shore, but also from a boat. Many coves and bays well suited for anchoring. Maximum number of vessels off the coast of Malta can be seen in the season, from April to November. Boat rental for fishing in this period will be more than ever. In the waters of the Mediterranean, you can catch blue tuna, swordfish, and Maltese lampuki.

Selection  boat rental for fishing in Malta

When planning to fish in the Mediterranean Sea, with responsibility treat the choice of vessel. Fortunately, boats, large and small, Malta offers many. Deciding to take advantage of the boat rental for fishing, take into account the distance of the throw Tackle: Near or far. If possible, give preference to vessels with high-power motors.

The boats are designed for fishing, characterized by stability, capacity, and strength. They occur from plastic, aluminum, and fiberglass. Most are considered strong aluminum boats. Due to the ease of construction vessel in the shortest amount of time gaining more speed and allows fishermen to quickly get to your destination. About scratches and cracks on the bottom in shallow water, you cannot survive.

If your plans for fishing in the archipelago, it is worth taking a boat with an engine capacity not exceeding 20 hp and ship up to 4 meters long. It is guaranteed a good bite. If necessary, this ship can be towed to shore by hand.

When and how best to fish in Malta?

Deciding to take a boat rental for fishing in Malta, you try to go to the sea in calm weather from 8:00 to 13:00. The water at this time is crystal clear. Due to the fact that the fishing vessel equipped with sonar and advanced navigation system to find a good fishing spot will be easy. Boats have everything what you need for fishing.

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