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Rent boat or yacht: rules of conduct on board

rent boat or yacht

Life and rest on board, as well as sailing requires compliance with certain rules that participants must comply with the crew. This may sound rather harsh and severe, but the security is – above all else.

In Malta or any other country, rent boat or yacht

– it is responsible, because you need to be able to keep the boat and protect the staff and passengers from the various dangers that can bring the water of the Mediterranean, wind, rain.

Knowing the number of accidents that have occurred when rent boat or yacht, it can be concluded that the majority of them were due to human error, negligence, disregard for rules. Even if the boat is managed by an experienced captain, the entire crew is obliged to abide by the rules. In turn, when the rent boat or yacht made without a team of professionals, the security level should be maximized. You should always listen to the captain, since he is responsible for your comfortable stay.

It is important that the boat equipment should always be in good condition when you rent boat or yacht and travel by sea. Its improper use may result in damage to boat. As a rule, rent boat or yacht involves the use of yacht with modern proven, reliable equipment. However, only the competent its operation will make a sea voyage unforgettable. Do not hesitate to ask the experienced skipper to use navigation, sail controls, how to behave in case of bad weather, and more.

Try to keep order on board the boat or yacht. Clean and tidy will ensure you maximum comfort while walking in the waters of the Maltese archipelago. Any thing has its own place and is bound to be there. Serviceability of deck tools – the key to a good trip. When you use the rent boat or yacht service, try to take care that all things, especially the sharp, stabbing, beating, were in the right place.

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