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Private boat excursion in Malta and Gozo

excursion on the boat malta

Malta is a small island with a large history, a significant number of beautiful places and attractions, such as the capital city of Valletta, founded by the knights-Hospitallers themselves, medieval Mdina and small cozy villages. Also worthy are rocky picturesque beaches and beaches, clear open sea, grottoes. Private excursions on the boat Malta allow you to learn something new, plunge into the special atmosphere of the warm edge. Due to the relatively small size of the island, all the sights can be seen in a short time.
Malta is an ideal place for a short rest. The small size of the islands of the Maltese archipelago allows for a short time to see the most important sights of Malta. Within one day every tourist has the opportunity to get to the Cathedral of St. John, where the amazing creation of Caravaggio is located, see the megalithic temples of the ancient period, the fortresses of the Middle Ages, and much more. Also you can choose excursion on the boat Malta for vacation.

Private excursion on the boat Malta are available to every holidaymaker

Thanks to them you can at any time get to the neighboring islands with their picturesque corners and sights. The trip to the island of Gozo will be fascinating and interesting. This is the second largest island of the Maltese archipelago. If you believe the legend, here the beautiful Calypso captivated Odysseus himself. Going on an excursion on the boat Malta to the island of Gozo, it is mandatory to visit the cave, which was named after this nymph. Also here is the famous Citadel fortress, with which the amazing beauty of the island opens.
Choosing a private excursion on the boat Malta, do not forget to visit the beach of Dweira, which is a rock arch called the Azure Window. Here you will discover the phenomenon of nature – the inner sea.
A lot of interesting places and fascinating excursions are offered by the island of Malta. Resting in this warm edge, do not miss the opportunity to see them, to learn the history and culture of local residents.

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