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Prices holiday in Malta

Prices holiday in Malta

Malta Vacation leave pleasant memories in the memory. Here, tourists are destined to spend vivid voyage. Price holiday in Malta varies depending on several factors: the level of comfort of hotels, saturation, cultural and entertainment programs, the purpose of travel, etc. Also, the tour price, weekend depends on the time of year. In general, Malta is not considered the most expensive island. In winter, prices here are considerably reduced as it becomes cool and rainy.

The cost of recreation in hotels in Malta

In the midst of holiday season, prices holiday in Malta highest, so a hotel or a hotel with three stars cost around 550-600 euros per person per week. Standard room here comes roughly 75-100 euros per day. Much more expensive will cost “five” and the “quartet”. Villa for a family or for one person is 1500 euros per week. Enough expensive apartments are valued, their profitable to rent for a period of more than a month.

Where to spend the money in Malta?

The island has an exciting program of excursions, and in addition to the Malta recommend to go also in Gozo, or rather, to get on the ferry and get aesthetic pleasure from the famous “Azure Window”. On guided tours and boat rentals should allocate about 200-250 euros. Also add the price for snacks, lunches, dinners in restaurants, in hotels if not very generously fed, and shopping (if it is in your plans). Eating at fast-food costs an average of 3-5 euro, dinner in a cozy pizzeria will come to 10-20 euros in a small cafe – 30-35 euros, a decent restaurant meal can be for 50 euros or more. At the entrance ticket to museums need to spend between 6 and 10 euros, and for excursions to pay 35-60 euros.

Maximum expensive will travel to Sicily in a program which included visits to the volcano – more than 130 euros. If you want to go on a small cruise on the sea, then cook them for 20 to 25 euros. Sightseeing tours to the islands will cost 55-70 euros. On average, the tour per person per week is estimated with all the pleasures of relaxing in the 1300-1400 euro. Of course, the holiday prices in Malta are mixed, but in general, be guided by the above painted alignment.

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