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Leisure in Malta and Gozo Islands

leisure in malta

Malta is in the heart of the Mediterranean. It is an appealing place where you can spend your holidays to make yourself relax. The rising sun and the beauty of water will fill your heart with the love of nature. This will be an exciting trip that you will never forget in your life. If you are planning leisure in Malta, then you should book a yacht to see the adventurous and mind-blowing natural beauty. There are famous destinations that you should visit near Malta Island. The places that you should visit during the leisure in Malta are,

  1. Paradise Bay
  2. Grand Harbour
  3. St Paul’s Island
  4. Marsaxlokk

Let’s see get to know about these awesome places.

Paradise Bay

Paradise Bay is in the North of Malta. It is a small beach with crystal clear water. The water is so much clear that you can even see your feet under it. There are umbrellas and sunbeds all around the beach where you can relax under the sun. This is a special place for swimming and snorkeling. There are restaurants near the beach where you will find all kinds of traditional and delicious cuisines. You will also find luxurious hotels near it. The yacht charter for this place will be amazing and soothing. Never forget to visit this place while your leisure in Malta. You can visit this place from March to October and the peak is June-September.

Grand Harbour

Grand Harbour is connected with the history of Malta. This is a natural harbour where ships used to moor and now it has been developed a lot. This place has been used as a harbour in the 16th century due to its natural landscape. Along the harbour, you will see the city of Valletta. You will be amazed by the splendid beauty and history. It is now a place where tourists came during their yacht charter. You must visit this place during leisure in Malta.

St Paul’s Island

This is a small, beautiful and mesmerizing island in the north-east of Malta. It is a calm place and you will not find any inhabitants there. There is a historic statue of St Paul that reminds the history of the place. The calm place and the bluish water around it will give you a feeling of joy and relaxation. The eye-catching greenery of the plain land will be one of your memorable sights.


Marsaxlokk is a village where the traditional fishing boats do fishing near the harbour. The color of these traditional boats is blue, red, brown and yellow. There is a big market in the village where you will find fruits, fishes, clothing items and etc. You will see hundreds of boats and yachts near the harbour. You can even see little fishes in the clear water of the harbour. It’s a beautiful place to visit during leisure in Malta.

A Splendid Leisure in Malta

As we have already told you that your leisure in Malta will be great if you visit some of the most famous and appealing places. You will find a mixture of natural beauty and history at these places. This will grasp a permanent place in your memory.

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