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Prices Holiday in Malta: the availability or luxury?

prices holiday in Malta

Prices holiday in Malta is hardly low. For example, in the “high season” for a three-star hotel will have to shell out about € 550-600 per person per week. “Five” and the “quartet” will cost much more expensive.

Meals, Tours and Transportation

On the island of Malta offers guests excursions. Many attractions, especially historic sites and architecture, there is in this Mediterranean land. To see everything and get away from this aesthetic pleasure prepare for tours of about 200-250 €.
Prices holiday in Malta is definitely formed and given the cost of food. Here breakfasts, lunches and dinners cost a decent amount, if you are not a student and are not ready to eat in fast-food outlets. For a week on food vacationer need to shell out about 200 €.
Cheaply you can eat in pastitstseriyah, where you can buy a variety of hearty meals of fast food. Popular with holidaymakers on the island enjoy a pizzeria, offering customers a paste, a variety of meat dishes. Lunch here costs about € 15-20. The reputable restaurant for a good dinner, one person should be given more than 20 €.
To move around the island a lot of money not needed, since there is excellent public transport system and one day ticket costs no more than 3 €. During the taxi would have to pay a lot, on average – 10-35 € per trip. Rent a boat in Malta – the service is available, but the price for it varies, depending on the rental duration, capacity, equipment vessel.

What determines the prices holiday in Malta?

Prices holiday in Malta depends on several factors:
• the time of year;
• spa;
• Hotel;
• tourist and personal preferences etc.
Maximum price is set on the island during the summer period. If you want to save money and at the same time relax in a quiet atmosphere, then come to Malta in spring, autumn (the Indian summer), in winter. At this time, for guests and locals alike and it offers an interesting entertainment program.

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