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Gozo to Comino Boat Trip

gozo to comino

Gozo is the sister island of Malta. Having a historical background this island is fairly quieter than Malta providing much more relaxation to tourists. It is situated on an area of 26 square miles and has a very less population of 37,000 inhabitants. Being the second largest of the three Maltese islands it has crystal clear water. It offers tourists to swim and dive and have an experience of a lifetime.

About Gozo to Comino Boat Trip

There are many popular sites at Gozo, such as the Dwejra inland Sea and the Citadel in Victoria. Boat services are available to sail to Gozo from Malta and further on. Tourists furthermore explore the Mediterranean by sailing to Comino. Boat services, as well as ferries, are available for round trips from Gozo to Comino. Gozo to Comino boat trips are relatively cheaper because it is at a distance of 25 minutes of cruising.

Tourists who want Gozo to Comino boat trip have a variety of options to go for. They can have a private individual experience of exploring the Mediterranean. The second option is to go for ferries which are cheaper but not private. Many people are on board on ferries with one another. They usually make a stop at San Niklaw Bay. So, it is a good idea to go for a private boat to enjoy Gozo to Comino boat trip.


Comino is a small island of just 1.4 square miles in area. Situated between Malta and Gozo. It is considered to be a paradise for tourists. This place is for the people who love snorkeling and windsurfing. Comino is virtually uninhabited and is a car-free island having only one hotel.

The most attractive place of the island is the Blue Lagoon. It is such a relaxing and noise-free island. There is no human traffic. Other buildings and structures to visit in Comino are,

  • St. Mary’s Tower
  • Comino Chapel
  • St. Mary’s Battery
  • Redoubt

There is also a Comino hotel that was built post to World War 2 and is located above San Niklaw Bay. Other beaches that are in Comino include Saint Maria Bay and St. Nicholas Bay. Comino is featured in many Hollywood movies. You can see this place in “Swept Away”, “Troy” and “The Count of Monte Cristo”.

Our Services

We Boat Hire Malta have different boats. We offer a memorable Gozo to Comino boat trip. The yachts that we offer an individual and private trip from Gozo to Comino are:

  • Bavaria 40 (8-Passengers Sailing Boat)
  • Ranieli Sea Lady 27 (8-Passengers Motorboat)
  • Benetau 423 (10-Passengers Sailing Boat)
  • Princess P42 (12-Passengers Motorboat)
  • Princess 48 (10-Passenger Motorboat)

We provide you a memorable Gozo to Comino trip, full of fun and relaxation. Our luxurious boats have toilets, speaker, Wi-Fi, lunch service and drinks. You can know more about our boats here. For more information feel free to contact us.

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