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rental boat in Malta island

Boat rental Malta, car, public transport – all of this has an island. The best option for holidaymakers might be rental car that day will be cheaper (16 euros), than in Europe. higher than one year to take on the temporary use of a car on the island, it is important that the tenant has been more than 21 years, were in possession of a driver’s license of international standard and the driving experience.
When planning a holiday in Malta, should know that on the island of left-hand traffic. It is important to be prepared for this. If you doubt your driving skills in other unfamiliar conditions, most of the companies to offer rental car with a driver.
To move around the island, you can rent a scooter. The price of this service – from 10 euros per day. To rent a scooter, driving necessary documents and deposit (100 euros or credit card). You can also take advantage of the boat rental, if you rest now.
Intercity buses run from the main bus terminal in Valletta, Malta to all localities of the island. Price per ticket for travel on the territory of the country of islands 2 hours – about 2.2 euros per day, for a week – 12 euros. For children fare will be much cheaper. Maltese buses – a business card of the island. They go like clockwork, with the exact interval of 10-15 minutes.
Going on vacation in the land of Malta, do not forget about the maritime traffic. Rent a boat in Malta – the same service is available, as well as all of the above. It allows you to conveniently move between islands.
Bus, car, scooter, boat rental Malta, motorcycles, bicycles, ferries – all these offer us the resort island for quick navigation. So you can not worry about what will not be in an important point to be in the right place. All options are available to tourists movement.

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