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Fishing On the Boat in Malta and Gozo

fishing on the boat

Are you someone who is not indifferent to fishing in the sea shores? Then feel free to take a boat and go to the depth of the water of the Mediterranean Sea. Fishing on the boat near Malta allowed at any time of the year. The most favorable time for such classes is September. In this month the water temperature reaches a peak and can be caught in shallow water garfish, small tuna and a gold fish.

Fishing on the Boat in Malta

Fishing on the boat near Malta can take place using a variety of fishing techniques. Vacationers on the island of fish from the shore, from the rock, under water, spinning. The waters are rich in Malta on various species of fish. Fishermen can fish out carder, bream, mullet and other inhabitants. From the shore to catch the bait can be without a license or special permit.

Fishing on the high seas

Deciding to go for fishing in the open sea, you can enjoy the solitude; catch albacore tuna, barracuda, Dorado, flying fish. Hunting for fish can be to live and artificial bait. A lot of positive emotions leisure brings it the manual way of fishing. However, sport fishing equipment also allows you to have a great time. This method gives maximum comfort during the hunt for marine life. However, it should be said that fishing from a boat requires a special permit that can be obtained on arrival to the island. And if you do not have it, you can negotiate with the fishermen and go with them on “Sea Hunt.”

Features fishing in Malta

The water of the Mediterranean off the coast of Malta’s rich in tuna or barracuda. Usually they swim closer to the island shortly before sunrise. With absolute calm, you can watch the sardines, hunted by the inhabitants of large depths. Fishing on the boat near Malta will be particularly successful if travel to the shores of Sicily. There currently expanse for fishermen.

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