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Boat rental in Malta and Gozo. Excellent Option of Rest

boat rental

Journey to the warm Mediterranean island – an excellent option of rest. It has everything for a memorable pastime: beaches, comfortable hotels and picturesque bays, numerous services such as boat rental. And if you’re an avid fan of the inhabitants of the deep sea catch, the fishing boat rental is just the way. Swim on the sea off the coast of the island are allowed to catch a fishing rod. However, you should know that spearfishing is prohibited.
What can you catch in the waters of the Mediterranean?
A commercial fish in the sea off the coast of Malta is largely ocean. Here you can catch:
• bonito;
• squid;
• dorado and mackerel;
• skipjack;
• amberjack.
There in the water and the fish that swim along the bottom and challenge avid anglers. This should include: tooth, black bream, sea bass. Hunt underwater inhabitants can be both off the coast of the island, and marine expanses, which allows you to get the boat rental service for fishing.
Organization of fishing
On the island you can find everything for fishing: tackle, bait, special boats, as well as the help of professionals. The waters of the Mediterranean off the coast of Malta – a home for numerous commercial fish. In this warm corner of the planet go fishing all year round. Seasonal hunting is arranged for a certain species of fish, marine mansions. Regardless of the time of year for fishing boat rental is available.
Protection from predators fishermen in Malta
On the island of Malta, many residents actively engaged in fishing craft, continuing the work of their fathers, grandfathers, going to sea in boats with colorful “eyes”. Local know why this is necessary: when painted with a thick fog the ship itself “will find” its way into the harbor, and the predatory inhabitants of the sea will be afraid to attack the floating structure to the eyes. It is worth noting that the history was never seen cases of attacks sirens on such boats. However, if you take the boat rental for fishing, the problem of predators immediately disappears.

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