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Sea Diving in Malta for recreation

sea diving in Malta

The Maltese archipelago – a paradise for enthusiasts, fans of underwater adventures. Warm water and air, warming rays of the sun, clear sea, sea diving in Malta, rich history in this region attract about one million tourists from different countries. Although the island is small, however, the wealth of beautiful places and entertainment it is surprising. Malta – a find for travelers who prefer sailing, windsurfing, scuba dive.

The popularity of diving on the island

Boat trips in the Mediterranean waters is very popular with holidaymakers in Malta. Active tourists from different countries believe that immersion in the sea off the island is the flight from another country. The Maltese archipelago attracts unique topography, crystal clear water, numerous representatives of the deep sea. Sea diving in Malta – a great opportunity for beginners and avid divers.

Conditions for sea diving in Malta

Dive into the water, take the boat to hire in Malta at any time of the year. In the case where the main purpose of your visit to the island is diving, then choose a time when the country least of all travelers. In summer the sea temperature reaches the level of 25 degrees, and the minimum in winter – 14 degrees. In the waters off the coast of Malta there is no ebb and flow, undercurrent, which allows diving to be not only interesting, but also comfortable enough enthusiasm.

Mysterious and spectacular sea depths

Clean water and excellent visibility are the key to good underwater walk. Good sea environment enables you to live and breed rare marine life.
Sea diving in Malta gives you the opportunity to see the diver in water depths of Mediterranean edge of the following species:
• moray eels;
• ramps;
• Mediterranean groupers;
• flounder;
• squid;
• octopus;
• sea stars;
• crabs;
• cuttlefish and others.
Dolphins rarely come across in the way divers.
Depending on the point of immersion and weather conditions the average visibility allows you to make high-quality underwater photography. By the way, every year in Malta organized a contest of underwater shots where the vacationer can demonstrate their abilities.

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