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Excursion Trips in Malta and Gozo

excursion trips in malta

Malta is a famous place for tourism. There are many places in Malta that can provide you relaxation and joy. There are three Maltese islands which are Malta, Gozo, and Comino. All these islands are full of natural beauty and appealing sceneries. There are many excursion trips in Malta that will make your vacation memorable. You might get confused in selecting the excursion trips in Malta. Therefore, we are going to tell you the places where you can visit during excursion trips in Malta. You should visit all the places of the three Maltese islands.

  • Malta
  • Gozo
  • Comino


Malta is the biggest of the three islands. There are beautiful places that you can see during excursion trips in Malta. This island has three important places which are,

  • St Paul’s Island
  • Grand Harbour
  • Paradise Bay

St Paul’s island is an island where you will not find any inhabitants. This is a small island where you will find the historic statue of St Paul.

Grand Harbour is the natural harbor of Malta which is near its capital Valetta. It has been a trade route for many years. This place has special historic importance. You will see hundreds of boats near the dock.

Paradis bay is a small beach where you can enjoy sunrays on sunbeds. This is an excellent place for snorkeling, swimming and kayak boating.


Gozo is also an island and you can visit the following places here,

  • Ramla Bay
  • Dwejra Bay

Ramla Bay is a beach which is quite bigger than the Paradis Bay. Here you will see people lying on the sand and sunbeds under an umbrella.

Dwejra bay is the best place for snorkeling and scuba diving. You can see the place from the mountain. There is no coast at this place.


In Comino island, you can visit the following famous places.

  • Blue Lagoon
  • Crystal Lagoon

These places are preferred for water sports. The water at these places is crystal clear. You can also visit several caves near the places. There is a lot of visitors in for Blue Lagoon,. You will find sunbeds on a small hill.

Memorable Excursion Trips in Malta

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