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Diving in Malta. Features and advantages of diving

excellent diving in Malta

What is the difference between diving in Malta and diving under water in any other corner of the planet? Probably because the waters of the Mediterranean not only have underwater beauty, but also a rich history. Conservation zones around submerged or sunken objects have been specially created for diving. Scuba divers have the opportunity to examine the technique of wartime – airplanes, ships, tugs.
Interesting diving in Malta, the price of which is included in the cost of renting a vessel, called wreck-dive is very popular. Certainly, to navigate in a large number of cabins of the studied sunken ship, to consider all the details, control panels, a certain skill is needed. In turn, Malta created conditions for everyone, – an experienced amateur underwater walks or a beginner. Here you can rent a boat that will transport you to any interesting places on the island.

Diving in Malta

The beauty of the Mediterranean is seen at all depths

The first skills of a scuba diver can be obtained in a specialized school or on an individual lesson with an instructor. Exciting diving in Malta, the price of which is included in the amount of the charter, can become a constant hobby for every tourist. There are plenty of places for such an occupation off the coasts of the islands.
There is an opinion that diving in Malta, the price of which pleases every holidaymaker, is interesting and good at any time of the year. In fact, this is partly so, because the water temperature in the sea in winter is 13-14 degrees. In a good wet suit, you can stay under water for a long time. However, it is worth saying that the air in the cold season also warms up to 13-14 degrees, which is not very comfortable when leaving the sea. Of course, for true divers there are no barriers.
Underwater walks in the summer must necessarily be included in the program of rest of every tourist who came to Malta.

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