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Diving Education in Malta

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The Mediterranean island offers visitors not only numerous services such as boat rental in Malta, but a good selection of dive centers. It opened many courses, including baseline and improvement of professional skill of students to instructor. The independent trade-union organization monitors the maintenance of training standards in the diving school. For the practice of private companies offer diving in Malta, the price of which is included in the rental cost of the boat.

School Choice Features

In the process of selecting a training center for diving necessary to specify the time of his work – not all schools are open all year round. The task is entrusted exclusively to teach the professionals who have the necessary certificates. According to the systems of BSAC, CMAS, PADI training sessions are organized. After graduating from the course, the students give certificates and books for diving registration. Training lasts between one day. It should also be aware that diving in Malta price rental boats available every enthusiast.
For those who do not plan to seriously engage in diving, it suffices to know the main instructions and dive into the sea together with a better professional.

Diving Rules

The resort set requirements for divers that are important to observe when planning trips underwater:
• diver’s health it is necessary to confirm a medical certificate. This applies to all: and those who are immersed with the instructor and those who have their own scuba diving. The medical certificate may be obtained at the school;
• without a special license in the sea of Malta banned hunting underwater inhabitants;
• in the case of the findings of historical or archaeological objects, to withdraw it from the bottom is prohibited.
Diving in Malta price with rental boats is acceptable, so you can freely enjoy the beauty of the underwater world. The island has everything you need for a memorable and comfortable dive.

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