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Dangerous animals in Malta

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Malta – a relatively safe resort. In this region there are serious threats to health and life of tourists, found in most of the countries with similar geographical and climatic features. Boat hire or yacht rental with a view to take a walk on the sea, excursions, beach vacation, fishing are relatively safe. However, there are certain difficulties that may be encountered if not careful.
Dangerous animals on the island
The islands are home to three species of scorpions – European, Mediterranean yellow, Maltese. Of course, they are poisonous, but to meet them at the crowded resorts is difficult. Animals do not attack humans, but they can be protected, if the climb to them or their nests. Therefore, in the sparsely populated areas do not try to lift the stones and not to meddle in the rock crevices. If all the same you are bitten by a scorpion, try as soon as possible to seek help from local doctors.
Using the service, yacht rental or hire boats, diving into the water with them, going to the sea to bathe beware of jellyfish. These inhabitants are found in the waters often. However, fortunately, a number of islands floating not too poisonous species of jellyfish – pinkish-purple Pelagia noctiluca scintillans. In the main part of the time they move in large flocks close to the surface of the water. Spotting them is easy.
For animals Malta Sea, carrying a certain danger, should include fire worms and sea urchins that live in aquatic vegetation. The first is easy to find – at the approach of people they served a danger signal and emit white bristles. To prevent punctures sea urchins need to watch where to step and build. You can also buy special shoes for swimming.

Be on the alert!
Despite the fact that the warm Mediterranean resorts are relatively safe, walking around the island, sunbathing on the beach, ordering service yacht rental or boat hire, sailing and diving out into the coastal waters of Malta, try to look around yourself to avoid bites and burns local residents.

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