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Comino Boat Trips

comino boat trips

Comino Boat Trips are done between islands. Tourists go through three major places via Comino Boat Trips. These three significant places are Mgarr harbor Gozo, Cirkewwa Ferry Terminal and Marfa jetty. Comino Boat Trips start from each place after every hour. To observe the beauty of these places, tourists must try these boat trips. The beauty of the presence of hills, beautiful blue sea is even more prominent when seen via a boat. It becomes like the heaven when the shadow of sunrays spread over the sea.

Comino Boat Trips start from Gozo

If there are tourists in numbers then boats are also arranged in numbers. Gozo the beautiful Island is selected to start Comino Boat Trips. Particularly, all tourists are shown the real picture of nature around Gozo like its culture, history and ancient buildings. The people of Gozo are also used to having tourists and are very friendly. It is a plus point for all tourists to know about the language of native people of Gozo.

Comino Boat Trips return from Blue Lagoon

Ferry boats then return from Blue Lagoon. The timing of departure from Blue Lagoon is 18:15 in the evening. There are pastures around the beautiful location of blue lagoon. The green of the trees and the turquoise of the water makes it a mesmerizing in evenings.

Prices to enjoy the service of Comino Boat Trips

There are different prices ranges depending on the age. It starts at €10 for adults. This is the normal price for adults to have nice Comino Boat Trips. Apart from this, for children under 5 to 12, it is €5 and for children below five, it is free. The prices are not toextravagant considering the beauty and scenic locales the boat ride takes them through.

Price between Comino and Gozo

If tourists want to enjoy for a full day then, the exact price would be €40. Tourists get an opportunity to play games inside ferry boats with each other. They also get a lucky chance to swim at the blue lagoon. It is better to have Comino Boat Trips from these wonderful locations. Price is also satisfactory for all tourists.

Apart from the full day and the half-day trips to Comino, there is so much more to the boat rides. Learning about a new culture, people, establishment, and landscapes give so much newer insight to tourists outside the country. It really opens their eyes to the many small wonders and miracles that go by unnoticed in our day-to-day life.

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