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Birthday on the boat off the coast of Malta

birthday on the boat

The Western part of the Maltese archipelago includes the best beach for swimming and sunbathing. Warm sun wide Bay Cottonera comfortably accommodates three small towns. Within and Maltese are the best places to stay. Coastal open spaces, lots of entertainment, cafes, restaurants, hotels, clubs and the warm climate are combined here.
Birthday on the boat near to these resorts, particularly popular. Cozy near the coast with quality service or beauty of the countryside is always fun and comfortable resting. Where is the time for those who prefer to swim, celebrate a birthday, party and picnic this warm island?

Golden Bay

The beach is located in the Northern part of Sunny Bay. You can get here by car, boat or local buses. At the right side of the resorts is the Golden Sands hotel, on the left – watchtower. For tourists there are numerous attributes to experience showers. You can order a birthday on the boat, rental yacht, party, diving and more. Snack here won’t be a problem, as along the coast working the booth with ice cream and fast food outlets. For vacationers provide the necessary assistance to the medical centers (in this case the celebration was too “gay”).

Gnejna Bay

Amazingly beautiful, clean and uncrowded sandy beach of the island of Malta. This place has a small cafe and Parking for a fee. Bus stop shoditsya far enough. On the one hand Gnejna Bay is a sand spit, with another rocky descent for thrill-seekers. Birthday on the boat, picnics, wedding photo shoot off the coast are particularly popular.

Ghajn Tuffieha

South from Golden Bay lies this wonderful area. Fairly quiet beach, but to reach it by car it is impossible – you need to go down hill from the stairs. Also when planning this holiday, party, birthday, going out to sea on the yacht you should worry about the food, which is better to take with you. The beach has no infrastructure, but serves its own beauty, tranquility and scenic views.

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