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Autumn holidays in Malta


Unstable weather in the autumn, but the holiday in Malta has not been canceled in this period. Velvet season on the island many tourists happy. The edge of this warm weather changes also occur, which are associated with the approach of winter. This September and October are still happy campers warming days.
Velvet season on the island
In the Mediterranean resort with the advent of autumn comes the velvet season. Many tourists are leaving their homes and holiday in Malta becomes calm mood. Nice warm days at sea, the gentle sun – a paradise for visitors.
The advantages of staying on the island in the fall is attributed cost of the tour, as they are much cheaper at this time. Just for this reason, tourists from different countries buy tickets in advance hoping to get here in September or October.
Things to Do in autumn in Malta?
A leisurely atmosphere on the Mediterranean island in the fall allows plenty of rest in the sun enough free beach, swim in the warm sea. The bars, clubs and other entertainment establishments are no crush. With the advent of autumn tour of the famous places seem to be much more interesting and fun – summer exhausting heat does not take strength and energy. It is particularly convenient to travel when offered boat rental in Malta at an affordable cost.
Holidays in Malta has to autumn outdoors activities, such as diving, climbing, fishing, sailing. Arriving here in September, you can catch the celebration of Independence Day of the State. In addition, on the island are often organized various colorful carnivals and festivals that are popular with adults and children.
Pleasures vacation on the island in the fall
In the fall of the land of the island is hiding a carpet of greenery, and near the homes of local residents bloom hibiscus and bougainvillea. In areas ripen olives, pomegranates, pumpkins. During this period, the nature and does not think “go to sleep”, but rather the opposite – full of bright colors and creates excellent conditions for leisure. So do not miss the opportunity to relax in Malta in the autumn.

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