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Around the island of Malta

путешествие на катере

Why does Malta belong to one of the best visited isles in the world? The point is in a great number of unique natural landmarks which are definitely breathtaking. Though the isles cannot boast high mountains, forests or lakes, there is a variety of eye-catching views and interesting forms of cliffs that are worth visiting. They sharply rise from the water on the western part of the islands creating many extraordinary figures while grottos that seem unbelievable. It is enough to visit Boat hire Malta and you receive an opportunity to explore these unique attractions on your own or together with a skipper. Only imagine that you can see the Azure Window, a giant doorway located right in the sea, also a Blue Grotto with its system of caverns as well as brilliant underwater flora and a Fungus Rock, a spectacular set of cliffs with all their magnificence.
There are some more exclusive landmarks to be evaluated from the board of the yacht ordered in Boat hire Malta. You can reach the shores of the Calypso’s Cave and take wonderful photos from the cave overlooking the red sands located in Ramla Bay or view gorgeous Dingli Cliffs from the level of the sea. Either beauty or greatness of these natural masterpieces will sink deep in your mind. In addition, you can visit any secluded beach that might happen on your way and admire marine landscape in a very romantic atmosphere. The boat trip can also be rather productive if you take equipment for fishing and prepare caught fish right on board. It will provide the voyage with even more pleasant and unforgettable memories.

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