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Malta is not just lying on the beach and swim in the sea, it is also the place that can make your adrenaline level rush! Despite the fact that Malta is not a big island, it offers a wide range of activities to make you shiver. Moreover, you can take a risk all year round as there are 300 days of sunshine on the island. So if you are an adventurous person and look for exhilarating activity there is a choice among sea, land or air trips.

What can you do on land apart from lovely strolls along the seaside and sunbathing, which are far from being exciting? Malta is a mountainous island with gorgeous cliffs that offers you to check your strength while rock climbing and abseiling. Lost paths can be perfect for trekking, mountain cycling or rambling, while horse trips along the sea coast will never leave you indifferent. If you are a competitive person there is a wide choice of sports facilities to visit.

If you have ever dreamt of flying, Malta can make this dream come true. Such air activities like sky diving or paragliding will allow you to feel like a bird soaring in the sky over the Mediterranean coast and blue waters. Another opportunity to see Maltese sights from the height is to hire a helicopter. You will be mesmerized by local beauty and landscapes.

One more way to let your hair down is to find an activity on water. Boat hire Malta is your best companion for the exploration of both sea bottom and azure waters. Having hired a boat or an upgraded yacht you can cut the waves in search of the most secluded destinations, visit underwater caves, reefs, ship wrecks snorkeling or diving, feel the sea breeze sailing or windsurfing, try to paddle a canoe or enjoy speed water-skiing or jet-skiing. Boat hire Malta will provide you with all necessary equipment for your rest to be definitely active and exhilarating.

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