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Europe Yacht Charter in Malta and Gozo

europe yacht charter

Yacht Charter is very popular in Europe. Many people plan their vacation to visit Europe. If you are visiting Europe, then you should book a Europe yacht charter. There are many magical and mesmerizing places in Europe, but we are telling you about the best place which is Malta. Malta is in the mid of […]

Boat Trips Around Malta

boat trips around malta

Malta is a southern island country of Mediterranean which is in between Sicily and North African coast. This country is famous for historical sights related to rulers of Roman, Moor, French, and Britain. It has been inhabited since 5900 BC. Malta has played an important role in World War 2 as it was the headquarter […]

Cheaper Boat Hire Malta – Our Pick of Best Boat Hires

visit boat hire malta

Malta is a destination where water activities reign over other tourist activities and the main reason is its close proximity to one of the world’s most enduring and fascinating sea. Blue lagoons are dotted here and there on the coastline of this country, which adds to the fascination we are talking about. So, if you […]

Catamaran Charter in Malta

catamaran charter in Malta

Over the past years, there’s been an immense demand for the catamaran. Catamarans can be used for sailing as well as cruising. They have two-hulls which make them more stable. You will not feel tired while sailing. The most important factors of catamarans are size and stability. There is a lot of space, so it […]

Blue Grotto, Malta

blue grotto malta

When planning to visit Malta, Blue Grotto is a must-go place that is located on the southern coast of the island. The name Blue Grotto comes from a British Soldier who visited the area in the 1950s. It reminded him of Capri’s ‘Grotto Azzura’ which means Blue Grotto. It has crystal clear, bright blue water […]

Yachts Services in Europe

yacht services in europe

Yachts are luxurious watercraft for enjoying through the oceans across the world. Many companies provide yacht services all over Europe to tourists. Yacht services in Europe have come to its peak in the past few years. People and tourists now know that beach exploration is incomplete. You cannot enjoy you the trip without using a […]

Blue Grotto Boat Service

Blue Grotto Boat Service

Blue Grotto is a worthy place on the island of Capri, Italy. It is such a mesmerizing sea cave having bluish appealing water that you will feel relaxed after visiting it. Seeing the picture and videos of Blue Grotto will give you a sigh of relief; hence, you can imagine the feeling when you will […]

Gozo to Comino Boat Trip

gozo to comino

Gozo is the sister island of Malta. Having a historical background this island is fairly quieter than Malta providing much more relaxation to tourists. It is situated on an area of 26 square miles and has a very less population of 37,000 inhabitants. Being the second largest of the three Maltese islands it has crystal […]

Yacht Rentals in Europe, Malta

yacht rentals in europe

Europe is very popular for its yacht rentals. You might be planning to find some of the best yacht rentals in Europe. If you are thinking about a place to visit in Europe, then we would like you to suggest Malta. Malta is an island and is surrounded by many beautiful natural beauties. You can […]