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Gozo to Comino Boat Trip

Gozo is the sister island of Malta. Having a historical background this island is fairly quieter than Malta providing much more relaxation to tourists. It is situated on an area of 26 square miles and has a very less population of 37,000 inhabitants. Being the second largest of the three Maltese islands it has crystal […]

Yacht Rentals in Europe, Malta

yacht rentals in europe

Europe is very popular for its yacht rentals. You might be planning to find some of the best yacht rentals in Europe. If you are thinking about a place to visit in Europe, then we would like you to suggest Malta. Malta is an island and is surrounded by many beautiful natural beauties. You can […]

Sailing Charters in Malta

sailing charters in malta

Malta is a wonderful island in the central Mediterranean. It has many places to give your eyes a sense of beauty. It is an island having great history and natural beauty. You will never forget your sailing charters in Malta. The famous places that you can visit in sailing charter in Malta are, Blue Lagoon […]

Leisure in Malta and Gozo Islands

leisure in malta

Malta is in the heart of the Mediterranean. It is an appealing place where you can spend your holidays to make yourself relax. The rising sun and the beauty of water will fill your heart with the love of nature. This will be an exciting trip that you will never forget in your life. If […]

Yacht Charter in Mediterranean

yacht charter in mediterranean

Yacht Charter in Mediterranean offers tourists a great mixture of history, cultures, and landscapes. The Mediterranean is also among the most famous superyacht destination in the world and it stretches over three continents which are filled with lots of activities that you can try out. Mediterranean Yacht Charter The Mediterranean is among the best yachting […]

All charter in Malta

malta yacht charter

Introduction Malta yacht charter offers tourists the chance to explore this fascinating country on varieties of quality boats that you can select from. Malta is dotted with stunning cliff formations, magnificent bays, historical harbors, crystal clear waters, and diverse attractions that you can explore. Types of yacht charter in Malta Day Charters This is a […]

Yacht Rental Agency Malta – What to look for?

yacht rental

Malta is a destination where there are plenty of yacht rental agencies. This fact rises from the reality that Malta welcomes visitors from all over the world. Since it is located on the shores of the Mediterranean, every now and then a yacht is hired, a cruise prepares to leave, and the engines of boats […]

Cheap Yacht Excursions in Malta

Cheap Yacht Excursions in Malta

Although Malta is full of surprises, there are some cheap yacht excursions in Malta that you should check out. We have compiled this list after looking at the interest of the tourists in it, both from the mainland and around the world. Before you could begin reading about Cheap Yacht Excursions in Malta, know that […]

Yacht Service in Malta

Yacht Service in Malta

Since it is a premium tourist destination, there are many yacht services in Malta, which you can use to hire a yacht and be on your way. However, there a catch. Not every service has the premium quality at an affordable price. Either, they have inadequate experience of taking people on the water or they […]