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Still do not know where to go on vacation? We recommend you to visit the resorts of the Mediterranean Sea. There are a lot of sun, warm clean water, decent service, lots of entertainment, friendly people, kind atmosphere. The Mediterranean Sea separates the three parts of the world and at the same time is the place where representatives of different nations, religions, cultures gather.

In the heart of the Mediterranean Sea a small state was founded – Malta, where thousands of tourists from all over the world come to rest today. For guests stony, pebbly and sandy beaches are opened, which are well equipped and crowded, picturesque bays and reefs for diving. There are also wild untouched places on the island off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, where you can relax your soul and body from the bustle of cities.

The Maltese archipelago includes up to 15 sandy, dozens of stony and pebbly beaches. On the island of Gozo, comfortably located in the Mediterranean Sea, there is a special place – a unique beach with sand of red color, according to legend, considered to be therapeutic. The main part of the Maltese beaches is free. Some coastal areas with access to the Mediterranean have hotel complexes. Also there are private paid beaches, they are usually equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay.

Clean and warm Mediterranean Sea

The waters of the Mediterranean Sea are favorable for swimming, they do not contain jellyfish and fish dangerous to human health. Rest in Malta – is not only the opportunity to sunbathe under the scorching sun and swim in the clear sea, but also a place where you can actively spend time: fishing, diving, parasailing, windsurfing, driving on water attractions, renting boats and yachts for yachts.

The Mediterranean Sea is a paradise for lovers of scuba diving. This place is ideal for divers with a lot of experience, and for beginners. The coastal waters of Malta are clean and transparent, they have an amazingly beautiful underwater terrain with numerous caves, grottoes, tunnels, arches, vertical wells. There are octopuses, crabs, sea urchins, sea horses and stars, lobsters and many other fauna.

In the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Malta you will not find sharks. Therefore, beach rest on the island can safely be called safe. For divers there are mysterious and interesting objects: sunken airplanes, boats, ships. For the joy of divers in the Mediterranean Sea, the statue of Christ and the Xlendi ferry were deliberately flooded. Great interest in the divers is caused by the ancient temples hidden under the water.

The Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Malta is perfect for a holiday – this will be confirmed to you by a lot tourists, who have been here once or many times.