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Benetau 423

A sailing yacht for rent for family walks or for a small company. The program of the excursion is chosen at will of the client- Blue Lagoon, Comino, Gozo, Blue Grotto and other places of interest of Malta. Evening and half day cruises also available

Fuel is included in the rental price

The board can accommodate up to 10 passengers

Some beverages included in the rental price.


  • Length of boat: 12,15 m.
  • Width: 3,96 m.
  • Boat type: sailboat
  • Cabins: 3
  • With skipper
  • Lunch available for an additional fee

550 euro/day

Terms of booking

Applying to us for renting a boat or a yacht, you need to take a few steps:

  • choose the yacht or boat you want to rent;
  • determine the date of sea walks, specify the time of the cruise in the order field;
  • contact us for further details (mail, Skype, phone, etc.)
  • having received an application from you, we will try to contact you as quickly as possible in order to clarify all the nuances of the lease, and also we will keep the reservation;
  • you will need to pay a deposit to confirm your desire to book a boat.

The deposit amount is included in the rent price of the boat. The deposit is paid on the day of booking the boat. Payment of the deposit is possible in two ways:

  • cash;
  • online payment from our website;

The rest of the money is paid by the customer in cash on the day of the cruise. If the weather conditions do not allow the cruise, the booked cruise is postponed to the nearest day.

Trip cancellation is possible no later than 15 days. In this case, the client's deposit is full returned (сan be deducted interest of banking transactions). You are obliged to inform us in any convenient way for you about your desire to cancel the trip and return the deposit. The cancellation of a trip in less than 15 days is made with the retention of the client's deposit. Also, the deposit is returned in full volume, if the trip is canceled by our fault.

After the start of the trip, the client can at any time cancel the cruise, with the payment of the full amount of freight to the captain. If the trip is stopped due to our fault - the client is entitled to compensation.

These rules are basic, but for the improvement of service and mutual understanding can be changed by personal agreement between us and the client. We always try to meet our customers!

With the terms of the agree
Please, read and accept booking rules!

Security of payment

Payments through our website are completely safe. The system of secure electronic payments is implemented on the most modern security standard - 3D Secure, which will ensure the maximum security of your payments to the Internet. Our site is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption - this means that all your data is transmitted in coded form and is not available to third parties. We do not collect data about your credit cards and bank accounts.

Privacy policy

Our company respects every customer. We protect your privacy.

Addressing us, making an order and making payment, our company becomes aware of the data about you. This information is needed in order to make sure that you are a real person who wants to use our services in order to have a feedback with you.

The following information about visitors is collected and stored on our site:

  • domain name from which you contact us;
  • the time and date of access to our web resource;
  • e-mail, name, surname, phone number that you use to place an order or make a deposit for renting a vessel on the site.

If you sent us an e-mail or a letter with personal information, the information collected will be used to respond to a message from you.

Information visitors to the site can be used to collect statistical data. Thanks to it the estimation of the number of visitors of different sections of our Internet resource will be received. It is also important for us what information is more and less interesting to our readers.

Our company does not verify the authenticity of the data entered by customers, and we do not give guarantees on the quality of execution of orders or feedback, if the information of users was given incorrectly.

We do not give personal data to individuals, companies, or organizations that do not have any connection with us. Personal information of the user can be accessed by everyone, according to the functionality of the site, for example, when writing reviews. So, we can publish the user name if he agreed to this.

Information can be disclosed in cases where it is necessary to stop fraud or illegal actions, at the request of the law and in other cases that are provided by law.

We use all possible and authorized ways to protect against unauthorized access, disclosure, destruction, alteration of collected information of our users.

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Attention! Before paying the deposit, please contact us and make sure that the boat is available for your date!

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