Articles, facts, news about Malta, boats, and yachts

Boat Charter Mediterranean
News Boat Charter Mediterranean


Boat Charter Mediterranean is the charter under which boats are given on rent to customers. Particular seasons are selected for ...

malta boat cruises
News Malta Boat Cruises


It would be tremendous if all young tourists have fun inside Malta Boat Cruises. Apparently, Malta Boat Cruises have been ...

yacht hire mediterranean
News Yacht Hire Mediterranean


Yacht Hire Mediterranean is an excellent activity around Mediterranean Sea. There are best yachts available around Mediterranean Sea even though ...

Mediterranean Yacht Charter
News Mediterranean Yacht Charter


First of all, we need to understand what is Mediterranean Yacht Charter. This charter is a phenomenon among tourists to ...

Private Boat Hire Malta
News Private Boat Hire Malta


Malta is a beautiful island country to roam and enjoy by hiring private boats. When getting the Private Boat hire ...

malta yacht tours
News Malta Yacht Tours


We all know that Malta is an island country located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. This island has ...

comino boat trips
News Comino Boat Trips


Comino Boat Trips are done between islands. Tourists go through three major places via Comino Boat Trip. These three significant ...

malta harbour boat tours
News Malta Harbour Boat Tours


Malta harbour boat tours are spectacular. The tour takes tourists through some of Malta’s prominent cities. To be specific, there ...

private boat party Malta
News Private Boat Party Malta


In the modern world, there are immutable tourist destinations for organizing the private boat party Malta but, on the other ...

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