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Welcome to our website «Boats hire Malta». Despite his young age, we are a close knit team, family, successfully move forward to achieve their goals. We are a family from Ukraine, moved to live in Malta few years ago. Warm climate, bright sun, good natured, helpful people and ofcourse boats! What more could you wish for common man? Every beginning is difficult, but we worked. Worked saw clearance and for realization of its objectives, purchase of a boat. Boat has always been our dream. It is so beautiful warm sunny day to go to sea, go fishing and swim in the crystal clear waters of Mediterranean Sea. In evening, enjoy a glass of delicious white wine on board private boat. After all, Malta, this small island in the middle of widest sea, has this as well as possible.

And now, our dream has come true one day. Beautiful white boat was standing on one of piers Malta. Our boat. We went out into the sea and anchored on the west side of Malta Island. Magnificent caves, crystal clear water, fish…It is impossible to describe in words our feelings and we emotions- drowned in them. It was great feeling.

And then we came idea- why not share with other people these good feelings and beautiful views? People can see beauty of the island, not only inside but also outside. It was decided: we will take the boat for rent! Yes, even if we are not first who rents a boat for rent, but we will try to become the best! Or one of the best who rents a boat for rent in Malta.