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Yacht charter in Malta, Valletta

Tourist place VallettaValletta is an ancient city, the construction of which began back in 1566. Now it is very similar to a museum of historical events, where there are many ancient temples and palaces. It will take literally a couple of hours to walk Valletta up and down. The population of the city barely reaches 6000 people. Valletta is famous for its beautiful streets along which houses with characteristic Maltese balconies are built. The oldest building that has been preserved on Valletta is the Palace of the Grand Master, which was built in the 16th century. In its halls, frescoes of knights are preserved, as well as a collection of weapons and armor. In the middle of the central square of the city is the Cathedral of St. John. The atmosphere of this city is very calm and inspired. Valletta is definitely worth a trip to Malta.