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Yacht charter in Malta, Mellieha Bay Beach

Mellieha Bay Beach Mellieha Bay beach is distinguished by the largest coastline covered with soft sand. The island of Malta itself is considered quite rocky, so Mellieha Bay received the status of a comfortable and safe sandy beach. The water in the bays is very clear and has a beautiful azure color. The beach is adapted for families with children. Mellieha Bay is located near the resort village of Mellieha, which is located on the side of a mountain. The mild climate of this region allows you to spend holidays there at almost any time of the year. It is also noteworthy that the beach has a well-developed infrastructure, paraphernalia rental points for comfortable relaxation and diving, as well as cabinets with showers and toilets. Around the beach built a lot of excellent hotels. In the tourist season, rescuers are actively working and doctors are on duty. Mellieha Bay is a great vacation choice for the whole family.