A few words about malta

немного о мальте

Malta is a central in the Mediterranean sea country that takes three main islands. Its favorable location makes it accessible for citizens of Sicily (only 98 km) and African people (about 280 km), but in reality every person, who is not afraid of flying or sailing, can get to Malta from different corners of the world.

The main island of the country with the same name can boast both an International Airport and a big port in the Grand Harbour. The first one is mainly used by national airline of the country called Air Malta and other foreign companies, which use it mostly for charters. The port is a place of destination for many cruises paving their way through the Mediterranean Sea and it is also used by ferries that connect either the isles of the country or Maltese islands with other nearby lying states.

How can you move around island? First and already mentioned above is a ferry – it connects the islands. The bigger isles (Malta and Gozo) also have bus itineraries. They can take you to any part of the country if you  wish to make the most of being there. Buses in Malta offer the latest technologies and are very comfortable and neat. The fare is quite biting but there are special cards to be purchased which can decrease it depending on the number of days used.

If you are travelling to Malta and wish to get to Gozo, Comino and other Maltese isles you can avoid ferries and hours of waiting by turning to Boat Charter Malta. The staff will take you to your destination in a matter of minutes without standing in long queues. You can also hire a boat or a yacht there if you wish to diversify your rest on the Maltese isles.

Malta is a highly developed country that provides its tourists with a comfortable transport connection. Despite not a big area of the country you can get to any interesting to you site without obstacles and very quickly.

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